What are your favourite colors? I have so many answers for this question, and the variable options will change in accordance with the four seasons as well as the personal moods. Usually, I am inclined to neutral tone because , most of the time, that innocuous hue of colors goes well with different styles of clothes and makeup. Nevertheless, this year, I would like to make an exception for these two brilliant colors, which are red and emerald, in order to revise my conventional dress-up routine.

In the first step of this style-changing process, I do not intend to take too bold or too deep decisions that can turn the old me into a completely contradict version. Therefore, I would like to go for small accessories such as: a red cross body bag, a watch with emerald albert, and a necklace that has a small piece of emerald glass stone. If you are not a woman with a daring heart, for example the author of this blog, it would be a wise fashion choice to add bright colors in minor details and to avoid these vivid shades on large areas.

Using contrasting colors without thorough considerations can be a risky move and you may end up with some kinds of unexpected fatous look. However, in order to achieve desirable playful outcome, you need to go beyond the ordinary safe zone and try all the potential combinations of these vibrant colors, with caution.

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