The crystal sound of the word “Pure” reminds me of the untouched, unblemished, and unchanged bonds between those people who are soulmate. I might be an idealist, who puts her head on the clouds and her heart on the hands of her allies, when keep on believing in such a pure relationship that is becomeing a myth in today societies. A true friendship takes a long time and a lot of efforts to form and evolve, therefore, some folks would rather chose the shortcut of making friends temporarily and superficially which is base on the mutual short-term benefits. As a result, sincere people who fully aware of the sensitivity and impermanence of human attachment have turned themselves into delicate, vague, and surreal matters just like the magical jellyfishes.

When I took these photos in the Siam Aquarium Bangkok, Thailand in the spring 2014, my mind was wandering around inside the pool which was full of sea water where the jellyfishes were swimming freely and indifferently. Back then, I desperately wished that I could simulate the characteristics of those creatures because they represent the flexibility as well as the determination. You can underestimate these small colorful bubbles until they sting you and leave painful red marks on your skin. Likewise, people have the tendency to abuse and mistreat those who do not respond their violence by violence. Kindness would be a waste if you give it to the wrong person, and the sincere one can only trust people who share the same belief. You read my mind and I read yours. The truth might be skewed and distorted for some purposes but there is no excuse that can cover an inteneded lie toward your dear friends. If you do, these delicate people would take serious action in order to reveal your immoral, and they take that as the self-defense.

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