Typically, having a big cup of lemonade with a lot of ice cubes in hot summer days is like reaching an oasis in the middle of a faraway desert. However, there are many other possibilities for summer treats rather than the conventional use of lemon and ice, for example lime, kiwifruit and condensed fruit juice. By the name of mentioned ingredients, you might think of fruity cocktails with gorgeous looks and irresistible tastes as obvious outcome. However, a lazy person as I am have the tendency to find the simplest and fastest ways to make fascinating beverages instead of going throught a lot of sophisticated steps in order to achieve state-of-the-art kinds of drink. As a result, the fruity ice pop is an excellent choice which does not require costly edible substances as well as expensive kitchen equipments, and all the preparing and making tasks can be completed within 15 minutes (time for taking photos is not included). I would love to share with you guys the recipice of my new summer treat, the Vampire Lollipop ❤ .

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Working late at night soon becomes a ritual of designers in general and for them to survive through many sleepless nights, delicious suppers are really needed. When the neighbours are falling asleep, I am quietly doing my job in an intolerable hunger for energy from food.

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A fire cannot burn without dried wood, a car cannot run without gasoline, a person cannot survive without water and food. You eat to satisfy your hungry stomach which has to do its jobs to provide energy for your muscles. Your brain, however, needs the fuel of its own.

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PicMonkey CollageThere are many methods for a person to become mature: earning your own living, studying abroad or even traveling to some places for the first time. One of the hardest ways to prove that you are now a functional part of your society is getting married. I guess I chose that tough one 🙂 .

Today, my beloved one and me have submitted the marriage registration in order to become one in the name of the law.

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Trying to name genuine things of a particular culture by different language is really an absurd idea. In one aspect, you can hardly find transformative word which has balanced meaning to the original. Furthermore, the idea behind that word will be definitely ceased or even completely changed at the moment you transform the way to call it.

Today is the last day of the year of the horse 2014, we celebrate a new year to come with conventional dishes and customs. Albeit the teenagers love to use milk and cereal like Western style, the elders and adults tend to eat more old-fashioned viand.

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Making ice cream with cartoon-like shapes is a brilliant idea not only in marketing but also in living. With people who is a sweet tooth, a little lovely icecream is exactly like a piece of “edible” art which can not be denied.

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