What are the kinds of romantic vision that you always have in this hottest season? Getting lost in a certain tropical paradise with your beloved one, driving a shinny car on a road trip to the skyline or lying lazily under the summer sun that can turn a leaisure pool into a giant tanning bed. However, reality cannot be made of  the closed eyes and the opened minds of day dreamers. If the level of enjoyment is based on individual financial status, how can people with tight budget getaway from the boredom of  their staycation? Is it possible to have a great summer holiday with an affordable price and without stepping out your front door? Yes, it is, definitely!

The most important feature of all the lavish summer services is that the customers will have themselves pampered with many qualified skincare and healthcare products. These expensive treatments can bring out the best version of our bodies which has a lot of noticable characteristics such as glowing skin, glossy nails, smooth feet and hands to name a few. If you wish for the same outcome and willing to do all the labor yourslef, what you need are just a couple bottles of nails hardener, color polish and several types of moisturizing cream for the faces and bodies.

In this post, I suggest some beauty products that have reasonable price and acceptable effect for you to have a summer getaway at home. The secret of the glowing skin lies inside the type of facial moisturizing cream that you choose to use. As the public concern of paraben is arising, beware of the ingredients stated in the label of your beauty items. Vichy Neovadiol that help firm your chin and neck, Vichy Aqualia Thermal that keeps your skin hydrated all day long, like other products of Vichy laboratory, are free from paraben and skin allergies. They are about $20 each, and you can find them on Ebay via the links below:

For the glossy nails, the hardener and color polish of Sally Hansen can be found easily in your local Walmart. Although there are an abundance choices of Sally Hansen’s nail color, I prefer the Expresso 316 which is brilliant enough but still pleasant for the eyes. The beauty tip for the nails that shine under the summer sun is simply add a thin layer of hardener on your bare nail, follow by one or two layer of nail polish and finish with another thin coat of clear hardener. In the end, remember to treat your hands and feet with Petal Away body moisturizing cream of Bodycology because your exposure to the arid summer weather can also dry your skin.

If the home is where you long to be in this summer, let’s make it become the your personal heaven on earth, a private Eden that is meant for only you and you yourself.

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