If the plants can talk, what would you think they may say? We, human, tend to assume that we are more advanced and more superior than the greenery as well as the animal kingdom. Our underestimate of mother nature has lead to fatal consequences since the dawn of human civilization. Many generations have cut down trees, destroy vast areas of forest to build factories, highways, and residences without hesitation. The natural world is defenseless in the prolonged battle with human greed and ignorance. We have turned vigorous plantations into soulless concrete structures which we are so proud about. The impacts of our modernization process, which went under the name of social development and community benefits, on ourselves are indescribable and uncontrollable. For instance, in the field of art, an obvious outcome is that nowaday artists prefer to stare at the computer screens and copy the images of nature rather than to step out and embrace the wonders of their surrounding environments.       Continue reading “INTO THE GREEN”





Is there any place on earth that can bring you the joy and sadness almost at the same time? This week challenge asked for a recreation place which is vary from one person to another. For me, happiness and bitterness are rarely happen separately. Therefore, I choose universities as the typical places where my excitement is strongly evoked (and then dark clouds will soon follow to cover my heart). There always is a certain amount in my small pocket which is saved for trips to wonderful universities in nearby countries (Singapore, Thailand, etc…).

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//By three methods we may learn wisdom:
First, by reflection, which is noblest;
Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest//
But what will happen when we combine all these three?

Simulating is human nature. Confucius, the noble philosopher, taught us that there are three ways to learn wisdom: the smartest way is through logical reasoning, the hardest way is through painful experiences and the easiest way is through borrowing, copying (or whatever you might call it) effective templates. Nevertheless, the shortest way might not always be the safest way. Imitating can lead to some side-effects such as: misconception of true nature,  deterioration of self cognitions and self values, to name a few.

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During my childhood, there was nothing more romantic than a ship in a bottle. It likes a big dream captured inside a small glass cage so we can hold on to the illusion that some eternal moments would not disappear. People always want to control everything around them even themselves and these little things are dramatic and miserable at the same time.

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