I am moving, no actually, we are moving… TO A NEW BLOG. Ever since I started this blog, I did not have any intention to leave. Nevertheless, after several years living the “couple” life, I find myself inclines more and more to the experiences that “we” share, the places that “we” come together, and the visions that “we” held dear in our hearts.  Although I would love to keep something for my own (like this blog), it would be an exhausting task to manage and run both sites at the same time. Hence, my husband and I decided to open a joined platform called ARTONSPACE, which also focuses on ART, DESIGN, TRAVEL, and coordinated as an online magazine. We hope this fresh start can bring about higher improvement and refinement either in content or images.


Thank you very much for all your support



All the photos, graphics, and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise

Can we share our opinions ? :)

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