Fashion changes over time and so does perfume, however, spending a fortune on contemporary trending items is impractical and ludicrous. The fanciful illusion of the “IT” icon is so tempting to the consumers who are blind-folded by the material culture of today society. In fact, it is nothing but chasing rainbows. Similarly, the value of a certain perfume does not depend on the date it is realesed but the on the person who wears it. Launched in 2010, the Pure DKNY has been the statement for not only women revolution in Uganda but also the sustainability of the mother Earth.

Quote from William Shakespeare/ Image from Be Book Bound

The main ingredients of this elegant scent are Ugandan vanilla, lotus and Bulgarian rose which are all covered inside a recylcable glass bottle and enveloped inside an imprinted white carton package. Actually, I am not inclined to perfume or other types of fragnance, and although I own more than twenty pairs of shoes, three are only three bottles of perfume in my closet: Be 21 of Orlane, Midnight couture of Lolita Lempicka, Pure of DKNY. Except the Lempicka black apple, the other two are gifts from my dearest friends and their friendship makes the scent becomes unique. Nevertheless, I am totally convinced by the scent of Pure DKNY  which perfectly demonstrate the idea behind it:

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