If the plants can talk, what would you think they may say? We, human, tend to assume that we are more advanced and more superior than the greenery as well as the animal kingdom. Our underestimate of mother nature has lead to fatal consequences since the dawn of human civilization. Many generations have cut down trees, destroy vast areas of forest to build factories, highways, and residences without hesitation. The natural world is defenseless in the prolonged battle with human greed and ignorance. We have turned vigorous plantations into soulless concrete structures which we are so proud about. The impacts of our modernization process, which went under the name of social development and community benefits, on ourselves are indescribable and uncontrollable. For instance, in the field of art, an obvious outcome is that nowaday artists prefer to stare at the computer screens and copy the images of nature rather than to step out and embrace the wonders of their surrounding environments.       Continue reading “INTO THE GREEN”


One of the major shifts in the history of human civilazation is the birth of cities where people reoccupied themselves in the artificial environments and relinquished the deep-rooted bonds between them and mother nature. Although the cities implies many controversial issues regarding their impacts on human lives, the crowed population who live inside the boundary of skyscrapers, super-block buildings and well-planned parks is still in love with the cities. It is true that the citizens have to compensate either with thier own needs or the communities’ benefits in order to have harmonious settlements inside the limited spaces of cities. However, the municipalities also offers specific facilities that their residents can hardly find in other habitats; such as libraries, universities, theaters, art galleries, etc. Moreover, gorvenors, architects and other related authorities have revised the modern city planning theories with many years of both positive and negative experiences to revive the long-term relationship between humanbeing and nature.

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