Fashion changes over time and so does perfume, however, spending a fortune on contemporary trending items is impractical and ludicrous. The fanciful illusion of the “IT” icon is so tempting to the consumers who are blind-folded by the material culture of today society. In fact, it is nothing but chasing rainbows. Similarly, the value of a certain perfume does not depend on the date it is realesed but the on the person who wears it. Launched in 2010, the Pure DKNY has been the statement for not only women revolution in Uganda but also the sustainability of the mother Earth.

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What are the kinds of romantic vision that you always have in this hottest season? Getting lost in a certain tropical paradise with your beloved one, driving a shinny car on a road trip to the skyline or lying lazily under the summer sun that can turn a leaisure pool into a giant tanning bed. However, reality cannot be made of  the closed eyes and the opened minds of day dreamers. If the level of enjoyment is based on individual financial status, how can people with tight budget getaway from the boredom of  their staycation? Is it possible to have a great summer holiday with an affordable price and without stepping out your front door? Yes, it is, definitely!

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Rumor has it, Kongming, the famous chancellor of the state of Shu Han in the Three kingdoms period, had married a woman with unpleasant appearance named Huang Yueying. Nevertheless, there were no specific records about her life in Chinese history and her name might just be a fictional invention of some romantic historians. The common viva voce regarding this story is that Kongming had compared attractive women with the sweetness of wine and unattractive women with the bitterness of tea. One would deceive your mind and one would enlighten it.

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Ongoing campaign for CI5 coffee
Photo & Edit: Lily Nguyen / Stylist & Retouch: Hoa Vo

Vietnam is the heaven for foodies, who are looking for delicious dishes with affordable price. One of the best places to eat out when you are in Vietnam is coffee shop: nice spaces, great decorations as well as tasty foods and drinks. It would be a delightful experience to explore the coffee shop’s menu with full of local and international choices. Until then, let take a visual tour through some selected dishes taken by the eyes of real gourmets, they would worth your time 🙂

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