Fashion changes over time and so does perfume, however, spending a fortune on contemporary trending items is impractical and ludicrous. The fanciful illusion of the “IT” icon is so tempting to the consumers who are blind-folded by the material culture of today society. In fact, it is nothing but chasing rainbows. Similarly, the value of a certain perfume does not depend on the date it is realesed but the on the person who wears it. Launched in 2010, the Pure DKNY has been the statement for not only women revolution in Uganda but also the sustainability of the mother Earth.

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What are the kinds of romantic vision that you always have in this hottest season? Getting lost in a certain tropical paradise with your beloved one, driving a shinny car on a road trip to the skyline or lying lazily under the summer sun that can turn a leaisure pool into a giant tanning bed. However, reality cannot be made of  the closed eyes and the opened minds of day dreamers. If the level of enjoyment is based on individual financial status, how can people with tight budget getaway from the boredom of  their staycation? Is it possible to have a great summer holiday with an affordable price and without stepping out your front door? Yes, it is, definitely!

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It has been a while since my last post and in a moment I deeply felt like I am not gonna write anything again. Writing nothing on my blog also means doing nothing with my camera. Being restrained from wandering around and taking pictures is not an easy thing to experience. Fortunately, one early morning I woke up and asked myself “Why do you have to stop doing the thing you like? Even if it requires you to sacrifice some valuable time”. Indeed, I do not have much time lately. However, it would not hurt (I mean “real bad”, maybe a little) if I write one post a week, isn’t it? Continue reading “HOW TO KEEP YOUR BAGS LIKE NEW #101# BOTTOM METAL STUDS”


Does a girl need to be fancy and stupid at the same time? Inevitably, only an ingenious one could spend too much time in front of a shiny mirror and keep asking the timeless question: “Who is the fairest of them all?”. Many of us would love to take the role of the talking mirror and give back the apathetic answer: “Get lost, please…”. Nevertheless, dressing appropriately to win is a sufficient soft skill that any girl should learn how to manage.

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#Style is the natural extension of who you are# 

From Cathy Henderson of Antigone Rising Rock band

Yesterday afternoon, I was in a cultural exchange event operated by the US consulate in Ho Chi Minh city with the central characters came from the fantastic rock band Antigone Rising. Every one in the room wanted to ask them many questions but I stayed silent because I came there to learn how to listen wisely. However, I am grateful for all the inquiries they placed for that I can observe some cheerful yet smart conversations.

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What can be the best gift for a modern lady? Some say diamond, other says flower and I say bralette <3. As my friend is getting married this Saturday, I want to make her a DIY bridal gift. This lovely tiny thing can be a part of her sweet memory of the honeymoon or some thing like that :).

Here you can find a step by step process of making bralette using simple sewing technique and ordinary materials. Wish you all a very happy holiday!

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Finally, this sweet minty has arrived. After such a busy week, I have managed some time to work on this lovely project. DIY is really a therapy for me, my hand is only focus on the beauty of these materials and my mind is only deep into creative thoughts. Here is the first thing for my autumn I want to share with you. Have an enjoyable time with the post.

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