What is the best part of studying in the United States? I would like to say that is having the chance to meet wonderful people. Feeling connected to the greater minds is a worthy reward for me to go such a long distance, half way around the world. Before going to the States, I had no clear vision about what I would like to do in the next 5 years. There was so much concern and anxiety about the past, the future and even the present. It was like walking in a fog of one gloomy winter day, being alone, turning round and round in a never ending circle. However, on a sunny Spring day in Lubbock, I have found the beginning of the path I am looking for.

Dr. DEBAJYOTI PATI, Associate Professor, Rockwell Endowment Professor – Interior Design – A wonderful teacher

Ms. ROSALYN CAMA, FASID, NCIDQ, EDAC, President and Principal Interior Designer of CAMA, INC in New Haven, Connecticut – An insightful mind

During my college years, I used to believe that design capacities are what distinguish human race from other species. My concept of design was the ultimate beauty that is above other considerations. It is obvious that talented architects and designers have created effective envelopes, such as houses and vehicles, to cover and protect people from negative natural conditions. However, instead of helping the communities live longer and healthier, the construction of houses and the operation of vehicles have severely affected living environment. There are many peer-reviewed articles and published research papers, which can prove that conventional design products, either in large scale or small scale, has failed to reserve natural resources as well as to sustain human living conditions. Therefore, the more I learn, the more doubful I become. I find myself keep wondering: “Does design really make human life better?”



Hello, this is me…

I have abandoned my writing for almost a month in wordpress and for nearly a year in my heart. Last was really a hard time for me when I cannot do anything but keep trying and waiting for a vague signal from halfway around the world. To make thing more complicated, some unreasonable ones also made me suffer by mental bullying. God bless them, negative thoughts will always drag them down until they can learn how to sympathize rather than criticize.



Despite all those unpleasant things, I must say that I was lucky enough to have my first snow right at the arrival in this (once was) faraway land. Although I am an alien plant which is removed from its old soil to be temporarily transplanted in a strange place, I do appreciate the cold white snow I am stepping on. How long would it take for me to get familiar with current situation? I do not know. In the mean time, let me explore the beauty of this new habitat…

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