Through million years of human evolution, mother Nature always shown us that the characteristics of beauty should be equal to vigorous, vibrant and vivid. This common sense had been planted in our fetal mind soon before our embryonic eyes reach the first sun light of our lives, it is a genetic heritage that has been passed down from generations to generations. Nevertheless, unlike the animals kingdom, human civilazations have distinctive standards which affect not only our ways of thinking but also our perceptions of beauty. Human sophisticated observation of the surrounding world has taught them how to treasure either the blushed checks of young maidens or the paled petals of mature roses.

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“Like delicate florets of a dandelion, with the wind, we scatter around the world, look for fertile soil and thrive” a friend of mine once told me so. I would say it must be the fate of those who are struggling for meaningful lives not just common existences. Some might think that the glorious victories are meant for the strong but the rule of survival proved that in the toughest conditions, giant monsters ceased while small creatures evolved. Dandelion, a mundane flower grows on the side way, is too small to catch your attention and too modest to please your eyes. Nevertheless, although its tender stem keeps swinging in the air, its slender root stands still.
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What is the best part of studying in the United States? I would like to say that is having the chance to meet wonderful people. Feeling connected to the greater minds is a worthy reward for me to go such a long distance, half way around the world. Before going to the States, I had no clear vision about what I would like to do in the next 5 years. There was so much concern and anxiety about the past, the future and even the present. It was like walking in a fog of one gloomy winter day, being alone, turning round and round in a never ending circle. However, on a sunny Spring day in Lubbock, I have found the beginning of the path I am looking for.

Dr. DEBAJYOTI PATI, Associate Professor, Rockwell Endowment Professor – Interior Design – A wonderful teacher

Ms. ROSALYN CAMA, FASID, NCIDQ, EDAC, President and Principal Interior Designer of CAMA, INC in New Haven, Connecticut – An insightful mind

During my college years, I used to believe that design capacities are what distinguish human race from other species. My concept of design was the ultimate beauty that is above other considerations. It is obvious that talented architects and designers have created effective envelopes, such as houses and vehicles, to cover and protect people from negative natural conditions. However, instead of helping the communities live longer and healthier, the construction of houses and the operation of vehicles have severely affected living environment. There are many peer-reviewed articles and published research papers, which can prove that conventional design products, either in large scale or small scale, has failed to reserve natural resources as well as to sustain human living conditions. Therefore, the more I learn, the more doubful I become. I find myself keep wondering: “Does design really make human life better?”

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