The crystal sound of the word “Pure” reminds me of the untouched, unblemished, and unchanged bonds between those people who are soulmate. I might be an idealist, who puts her head on the clouds and her heart on the hands of her allies, when keep on believing in such a pure relationship that is becomeing a myth in today societies. A true friendship takes a long time and a lot of efforts to form and evolve, therefore, some folks would rather chose the shortcut of making friends temporarily and superficially which is base on the mutual short-term benefits. As a result, sincere people who fully aware of the sensitivity and impermanence of human attachment have turned themselves into delicate, vague, and surreal matters just like the magical jellyfishes. Continue reading “PURE”


“Like delicate florets of a dandelion, with the wind, we scatter around the world, look for fertile soil and thrive” a friend of mine once told me so. I would say it must be the fate of those who are struggling for meaningful lives not just common existences. Some might think that the glorious victories are meant for the strong but the rule of survival proved that in the toughest conditions, giant monsters ceased while small creatures evolved. Dandelion, a mundane flower grows on the side way, is too small to catch your attention and too modest to please your eyes. Nevertheless, although its tender stem keeps swinging in the air, its slender root stands still.
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Hello, this is me…

I have abandoned my writing for almost a month in wordpress and for nearly a year in my heart. Last was really a hard time for me when I cannot do anything but keep trying and waiting for a vague signal from halfway around the world. To make thing more complicated, some unreasonable ones also made me suffer by mental bullying. God bless them, negative thoughts will always drag them down until they can learn how to sympathize rather than criticize.



Despite all those unpleasant things, I must say that I was lucky enough to have my first snow right at the arrival in this (once was) faraway land. Although I am an alien plant which is removed from its old soil to be temporarily transplanted in a strange place, I do appreciate the cold white snow I am stepping on. How long would it take for me to get familiar with current situation? I do not know. In the mean time, let me explore the beauty of this new habitat…

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