Through million years of human evolution, mother Nature always shown us that the characteristics of beauty should be equal to vigorous, vibrant and vivid. This common sense had been planted in our fetal mind soon before our embryonic eyes reach the first sun light of our lives, it is a genetic heritage that has been passed down from generations to generations. Nevertheless, unlike the animals kingdom, human civilazations have distinctive standards which affect not only our ways of thinking but also our perceptions of beauty. Human sophisticated observation of the surrounding world has taught them how to treasure either the blushed checks of young maidens or the paled petals of mature roses.

In the summer of the year 2016, instead of choosing red or orange matte lipsticks, let’s go beyond the ordinary makeup routines by trying the combination of nuddish and brownish colors. Nothing is more addictive than a childish woman who keeps biting her lips until all her wishes are granted by her devoted lover. That spoiled Lolita can be the sugary that sweetens the apex of your tongue as well as the bitterness that wipes out the enjoyment on your face.

Fortunately, you do not need to turn yourselves into mean girls (if you don’t want to, otherwise, just do as you please 🙂 ) in order to achieve that kind of allurement. A little bit magic of makeup can help, for example, the trio of Uge Artist Intense no.22 (Make Up For Ever), Kate no.41 and Kate no.48 (Rimmel London) can bring out the she-wolf that is hiding inside each woman. However, remember to adorn your checks with several brushes of bronze blush, I suggest you to use Ambre D’or no.32 (Bourjois Paris) for the best result.

In the end, laid back and enjoy some coconut cookies, a true beauty is not the one with the heaviest makeup but the one with the tenderest behaviors.

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise

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