“Like delicate florets of a dandelion, with the wind, we scatter around the world, look for fertile soil and thrive” a friend of mine once told me so. I would say it must be the fate of those who are struggling for meaningful lives not just common existences. Some might think that the glorious victories are meant for the strong but the rule of survival proved that in the toughest conditions, giant monsters ceased while small creatures evolved. Dandelion, a mundane flower grows on the side way, is too small to catch your attention and too modest to please your eyes. Nevertheless, although its tender stem keeps swinging in the air, its slender root stands still.

The courage of the tiny floret that travels million miles away from home has been my inspiration for the trip to the States. After the first semester at Texas Tech University, I have tasted the bitterness of despairs as well as the sweetness of joys. I have learnt how the deception of a clever person can ruin your belief in life but I also learnt how to judge people more objective. As my new journey is waiting ahead, I wish my small feet can take firm and stable steps to the future.

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