Lot of people would love to be surrounded by the loud noise and the dense heat generated from the tangled mass of human bodies around them. Nevertheless, several of us would choose silent places as favourite shelters where human being is just a complementary in the overall context. Those relinquish the solidarity in their nature might be call the outcasts because of extreme independence, high sensibility and poor sense of flattery.

At first glance, people who worship loneliness are like black sheeps, they tend to leave familiar grounds and invade unknown areas. We can take backpackers as typical example: the wild travelers with no determined plans, no tour guides and no idea about next destinations. Let’s imagine two young folks, hopped on a rental motorbike, drove along the roads of Ubud (Bali) and accidentally found a magnificent junk shop full of recycled furniture. Their extreme independence help them saving time on common landmarks but led them to undiscovered attractions instead.

One more thing you need to beware of solitude-lovers, their high sensibility, those people can look at a humble thing and make it count. This distinctive feature makes us think people who adore loneliness are so disagreeable. You cannot easily fool them, just a false minor detail can help them reveal your clever trick, and this fact is the thing that annoys you the most. Nonetheless, it is sensibility that can help some gifted people make arts out of garbages. Just like Balinese craftsmen turn abandoned housewares into complicated decorations.

Last but not least, it is hard to fall in love with a solitude-lover because he or she would rarely offer you sweet compliments. These straightforward people would hurt your feeling if you are waiting for prince or princess charming who will reward your every move with million of applauses. Their poor sense of flattery will not allow them to give a distorted comment to please your arrogant mind even if they are in love with you. Therefore, think twice before you ask a solitude-lover to open his or her heart and relinquish the joy of being alone.

The Trio characteristics of solitude-lovers mentioned above might not be as precise as it should be. However, I hope you can now have a clearer view about people who always seek “safe and sound” shelters for their soul, to be far away from the crowd full of relentless envy, irrational judgement and senseless hostility, the madding crowd.

More Trio expressions can be found via the link below:


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Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


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