There is a quiet and humble stone statue sitting beneath the shadow of a stone gate inside the famous Tanah Lot temple. Most of the time, the visitors here always looking for the magnificent sunset scene when the sun inflames the sea by a gorgeous red before it goes down behind the sacred temple. Only a few, who would love to errant around the solitary ruins on the cliff can find out a lot of wonderful  things hiding in the silent of spiritual secret.

Bali is well known for the diversity of birds, however, I have fallen in love with the doves inside Tanah Lot temple. In my trip to Bali, one of the most memorable thing is the pleasurable time when I share flavoured corn seeds with those feather friends. Then I realize, in some cases, you have to look down to your feet rather than look up to the sky in order to find some marks of magic.

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Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

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