Personal value can be counted by his or her liberation. Nevertheless, independent does not need to mean alone. Since marriage is the conventional symbol of human belief in love and faith, we tend to challenge its suitability in today context. Above all else, marriage always embodies a rational association, a thankful  appreciation and a powerful bond between two individuals who are ready to share their physical and mental capacities.

First of all, because of our collaboration, humankind is different from animal kingdom. We can rise as the most powerful species because we are united groups with specific strategies. It is also true in term of marital relationship. Take life planning of married couples as an example. Assumes that you have a to do list for 5 years ahead: pursuing higher education, earning more money, living in a better place and having your first child. It will be more bearable if you have two characters for this convoluted script: one plays the bread winner and one plays the caregiver “in an alternate sequence”. Obviously, this solution gives us equal opportunities to advance our strong points and thus gain more achievements in our specialised fields. A single “warrior” can absolutely manage to finish the list but with much more effort and time. A well-chosen companion and a good organised alliance can be more efficient and less painstaking.

Furthermore, being married is a right not a duty. How long have homo sexual people fought for the legislation of same-sex marriage? For over 4o years, I guess, at least in the US. If marital status is not a necessary, why do they fight for it so passionately and relentlessly? Tying the knot with the person you love is the most honest way to say how much you are grateful for having he or she in your life. If you cannot offer them the guarantee for a serious relationship (I mean the societal recognition: a particular respect from your parents, your friends, colleagues and of course… the law), your partner will less likely to think that sharing a life with you is a worthy investment. To be honest, even the most persistent person can hardly bear a perennial period of life time wasting in unreasonable things (or unreasonable people) unless he or she is insane (you know what I mean).

Last but not least, if one couple divorces, it might because of their methodology is faulty not the core idea of marriage. In 10 years, the divorce rate in Vietnam has been doubled, even more than 200% in some certain areas. Increasingly, adults in major cities are considering cohabitation as the “almighty solution” for they can avoid irritating issues in if there is any conflicting trouble. Adults who free from marital bond can simply blame others for a “ruined” relationship and then continue to carry the same mistakes into another one. On the other side of the spectrum, cohabitation is even more precarious than its old-fashioned relative, marriage. Married couple cannot easily break up so they have to learn how to accept their partner weaknesses as well as improve their own bad behaviours. Collision between two distinct characteristics might be a good condition for them to “grow up”. Without patience and courage from both sides, no relationship can work well.

In a nutshell, being single can be a critical relief for a lot of people. However, if we can figure out some practical ways for two people to harmoniously live together, we should give marriage a try.

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Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


  1. Mabel Kwong

    I like this post a lot. Often we can achieve more in a team, but sometimes we have to compromise to make things work out. Give and take, I suppose that’s what you do when you are in a relationship in order to make it work. In the end, we learn to be less selfish. Lovely photo of you and your husband. Beautiful 🙂

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