Could it be true that a symbol is a commonplace abbreviation of our diverging interpretations about the world? Or is it a mysterious signal which might be lucid with some particular people but entirely obtuse with the rest? In my opinion, a symbol is a light house which guide we through the mist of time to the land of forgotten memories.

net-day-lung-ong-trong-ta-yem-cua-phu-nu-viet-xua-hinh-anh-2Image of Vietnamese woman in 1920s from Motthegioi

This is the time when many people in crowded cities tend to look for aberrant versions of themselves, deviating from the norm or the tradition, just to prove their advanced stages of modernization. However, I do believe that there are some places in the bottom of our heart which still yearn for symbolized pieces of our origins.

So I wearing an austere white dress just like the female elders in Vietnamese wore their plain “crop tops” which judiciously showed their slender shoulders and backs. This is my symbol, a white iconic of femininity.

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Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


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