#Style is the natural extension of who you are# 

From Cathy Henderson of Antigone Rising Rock band

Yesterday afternoon, I was in a cultural exchange event operated by the US consulate in Ho Chi Minh city with the central characters came from the fantastic rock band Antigone Rising. Every one in the room wanted to ask them many questions but I stayed silent because I came there to learn how to listen wisely. However, I am grateful for all the inquiries they placed for that I can observe some cheerful yet smart conversations.

I found that each member has a distinguished characteristic which can be defined as separated interesting inner worlds. On top of that, they all share the belief in audacious people who are willing to stand tall and protest conventional prejudices about fixed orientation in defining genders as well as unexchangeable social roles between dominant and trivial groups.


Antigone  Rising Rock band#Picture from Fairfaxtimes

One memorable quotation I got from Antigone belongs to Cathy Henderson, the lovely sister of amazing Kristen Henderson, that is: “Style is the natural extension of who you are”. This enlightens me, the one who has been struggled with many vague biased expressions of being “a cool kid”. The world I was once lived in is where you will be bullied if you are judged to be nondescript as any means.

Some officious people used to told me: “You have no style”, “You have to wear the same clothes like us because we have style and you are not”… At that time, I was seriously confused about my self but deep down inside I did not want to do what they pushed me to. Now I realize with those people there is only one “style”, the “style” of their own and that is why they always obtrude others to track thier ways.

I choose to listen to Cathy who share the same inner voice with me about finding and surviving oneself in our society today. To be honest, my significant reason for admiring her mind set is that I am only happy when I can be who I really am.

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Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

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