You would say it is a mundane stereotype that some sanguine wives and girlfriends always wait for their parsimonious husbands or boyfriends to bring them cherished presents. To me it is really a banal lampoon which people can lavishly use to describe women at all time. Albeit the truth that some of us might see this as an obvious fact, the other half might be fully cognizant that presents from men sometimes are heavy stones.

Should I find more proper euphemism to talk about this issue? I can swear that I am not against the male as well as the term of love. However, I cannot feign that I do not see how hard a man has to be to earn money… and so does a woman. What I believe is that everyone has his or her own dream, so a relationship should not be a one-way street where one has to give up needs and advantages for the other.

The happiness of receiving gifts is indisputable and the fact that women enjoy it is very limpid. In my opinion, there is a remedy for dealing with this apparent concern: exchanging instead of collecting. Fortunately, my friends and me would love to play the game of giving and receving so we established a nice ritual about gifts among girls.

Here you can see some examples of our rite, a beige baguette from Hong Kong, a tube of cleansing foam from Korea and a  stunning necklace from Phu Quoc island, Vietnam. All of them are given by my friends after their trip to different places and along with them I also give my things found in traveling journeys. This is the way each of us shows the other how much we care and through that our feeling can be described by forms, colors, scents and textures…

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

2 thoughts on “SUMMER NEW#IN

  1. Nguyên-Kan

    to me that’d be a burden, though. Why do you establish such a rule among the girls? Let’s make it from the bottom of our heart, not because it’s a rule. I’d sometimes just send my friends a post card saying that I’ve been there and I miss them. That’s enough, and my friends are happy simply with that.

    • vothikhanhhoa

      It is lucid that words can be very confusing as each of us can have different interpretations. Philatelists exchange their precious stamps among others as we do with our presents. We are a very small group who share the same belief (that is why I call it ritual): we can “travel together” by giving each other a piece of culture from every place we visit. A postcard or a letter is definitely good, however, it is the time you spend on choosing appropriate gifts for distinctive characteristics, the effort you invest on wrapping and carrying those delicate tiny things that shows how much you care (for us at least). This rule started two years ago when one of my girls came home from Melbourne. Although as an international student she did not have much money to spend on unnecessary things instead of study, she still gave me some inexpensive girly stuffs which cannot be found in our homeland because she wanted to share with me how she felt about being in Australia. For that reason, I keep a promise to myself that whenever I go to new destinations, I will bring back somethings to show her how it likes to be in these special places and the cycle is formed 🙂

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