If there is any place that is worth for us to get lost within? People normally tend to lose themselves on the zenith of something happened in life even happiness or desperation. Nevertheless, if a person can consciously choose where, when and how he or she should get lost, life would have wasted all its meanings.Leaving behind your comfort zone and let the wind of explorations lead your steps. These words perfectly sound reasonable for those who love risky moves and unexpected moments. Through time, I found that travel is the best way to get lost or escape or whatever people call it.

There is a promise I have made to myself sometime ago that is trying to visit new places at least one destination a year. Recently, I have had a wonderful trip to Bali which is so called the heaven on earth. At the beginning, I was rather renitent about that epithet because I always want to gather enough candor before I can totally trust a certain thing. Well… Bali impressed me!

//…It may be wrong but it feel right

To be lost in paradise…//

Lost in paradise / Rihanna

Some callow people depend on wild and vivid music to inspire themselves and I depend on losing track of banal routines to open up my eyes as well as my soul. Bali has taken my heart by its nature, sincere people, acclaimed hospitalities and I must confess that it was a love at first sight, all in a blink of an eye

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Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

4 thoughts on “LOST IN PARADISE

    • vothikhanhhoa

      We have the same feeling for Bali 🙂 Our trip to Bali has been planned for almost one years because we wanted to make sure every details for a trip without an agency. Fortunately, things turn out even more wonderful than we have expected. Thanks for taking your time ❤

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