After 3 months since my wedding, now I can lazily sit next to my laptop and check up all my wedding photos. It was wonderful, indeed, my dearest family members and friends have spent incredible efforts on the event more than I have ever expected. However, there is some parts I myself have forgotten in the crazy cycle of planning overall concept, booking venue, choosing gowns and decorations, hundred of tiny things to take care of and so… I have missed my bachelorette party!!

I must confess that I am upset now because bachelorette party is a brilliant idea, thanks to its meaning of freedom. Being honest, where can we find better occasion to spend wise money in gorgeous Evening Dresses which definitely are breathtaking temptations to all ladies. I totally fall in love with this sweet thing, beige veil pared with mint floral details and mermaid form is very me!!

Guess what, many girls love to have their bachelorette party at spa or salon, swimming pool and even outdoor. In my case, I wish it to be a cozy dinner at a good restaurant with my best female friends who are also my Bridesmaid, dress well in attractive outfits. You are women, you must be and deserve to be beautiful so you need elegant clothes as your powerful companions. I would suggest my friends to choose one of those good-looking Evening Dresses below. They are all from Aisle Style, a cool website for women whatever their marital status are, to surf through.

I also love some short dresses in the Bridesmaid section of Aisle, they are candied and I love to have one of them for many occasions not only for wedding issues.

All the photos above come from Aisle style UK, you can check their pretty gowns yourself via the link below:

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


  1. Jenn

    Did your bridesmaids not ask about a bachelorette?!? You could always have a belated-bachelorette & also celebrate that the wedding planning is over??

    • vothikhanhhoa

      Dear Jenn,
      During the time planning my wedding, I had met my bridesmaid just a couple of times and they were so kind when not mentioning the bachelorette. Our culture emphasizes traditional value so much that the bride and the groom have to fulfill their duties in doing established routines before enjoying any modern activities 😦

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