In the age of delicate beauty, a girl with round face and too many curves on her body might not be the right type for fashion issues. I was born that way and should I feel miserable about myself? May be YES, may be NO. It is totally a break-down for any young girl and I was one of them, indeed. As time goes by, an adolescent becomes an adult and mature thinking makes the pain lessen more and more.

People will lose their fitness when they get older, a natural rule which we are fighting day by day by exercising, doing yoga, dieting and so on. I do not say that I give up keeping a nice shape but along with physical training I learn to love my body more and more.

They always tell me to throw away loose clothes and get some real tight apparels. I know it is a wise advice but I can resist the comfortable brought by loose clothes. So I end up playing with textures, colors and materials and temporarily forget about the shapes.

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


  1. Jess Carey

    This is the most lovely post I’ve read in so long, and you photograph so beautifully! It really is sad how we would all rather fight ourselves than accept and love ourselves, it’s so hard to do! Also, I love your sandals 🙂

  2. Mabel Kwong

    You look so beautiful in these shots, Khan. And what a great outfit. Personally I prefer lose fitting outfits, not because they “hide” my tiny frame but because that is the kind of clothes that make me comfortable. No matter what our bodies look like, they are unique. They are amazing 🙂 ❤

    • vothikhanhhoa

      Your words are so lovely 🙂 I do think that women who push themselves too hard in nice tight apparels have suffered by red imprints on their skins and difficulty moving 😦

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