In the first day of new year, every female wants to become sweet and soft like a marshmallow in the eyes of her beloved one. I chose pink, the fabulous color with a variation of shades, which is familiar with a diverse range of age from baby girls, teenagers to young women.

I pick completely “pink” stuffs like blush flamingo t-shirt, taffy kaki jean and crepe vest. This lovely strawberry colada is absolutely matches my outfit and its taste is delicious, too.

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As there are not many places near the city center for adults to hangout during Tet holiday, so going to new-build residential area in the suburb is commonplace. This wonderful artistic bar named “WA”, which locates at the heart of district seven ( you can find it the inside Cresent complex), has a unique interior style mixed betwwen surrealism and pop culture.

Make sure to check this cool bar out whenever you have a plan to visit Ho Chi Minh city.

Recently, I feel a tremble in my heart whenever seeing something belongs to the old-fashioned Saigon ladies. Trend is like a tide of all its waves goes up and down unpredictably and that is the most gorgeous characteristic of it. We can make the old images come to life in creative and contemporary ways, just to remind ourselves that there were more cool people in the past than we have expected.

Do you think I am a little bit too “pink”? Anyway, it is the first day of the whole year to come, be easy on yourself ❤

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Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

10 thoughts on “STRAWBERRY COLADA

  1. Mabel Kwong

    No, no, no. I don’t think you’re too pink! You look so gorgeous, and I think the pale shades of pink suit you very well. Not overly sweet, not overly tomboyish with the pants either…but a mix of both. And the yellow gladiator sunglasses matches the yellow patterns on your shirt. Also, pink is a shade of red, very auspicious for the new year.

    I like pink a lot, but at the end of the day, (light) blue is the colour I like and I reckon it suits me better 🙂 Happy New Year ❤

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