It is believed that Native American religion connects to the nature and worship of nature by many Europeans as well as Americans. On the other hand, thorough researches show that the term “religion” is no longer right to describe the spiritual life style of Native American. It is important to keep an objective point of view while accessing other diverse cultures in the world.

Members of different Native American tribes is expected to contribute to their people as a part of the whole community. One of their duties is the idea called the “vision quest” which opens many worthwhile ways of thinking.

During the “vision quest”, teenager boys have to go out alone into the wood without food and try to find their true identity. In the meanwhile, their tribe will celebrate ceremonies which are the prayers for the boys.

It can prove that so long ago Native Americans thought individual inner strength was important to the development of the community. Trace back to our modern time, what will happen if young people forget about their origins and ancestors.

First thing to see is that they will lose their own identity within the strong flow of national trends, cause they do not know how much valuable their traditions are. The more they want to integrate in the general movement, the more they are swept aside.

Furthermore, no one will like a person who always try to be someone else except him/herself and imitate others. The outside is easy to fake but the inside is hard to simulate. In other words, you can dye your hair, change your clothes but you will never become a part of a particular community without real contributions for public benefits.

Anyway, who gonna love a person without specific identity and swimming with the tide? Definitely not me.

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