Wandering on the beach of Vung Tau on a sunny morning, a group of five people was trying to make their short holiday more memorable. There is nothing much to explore and we are also not the type of risk-taker persons who are eager to get into trouble without careful considerations.

However, we made our judgement so soon before we took a closely look at the scenery there. Every land has its own secret, either your neighbour back yard or some faraway places.

As it is a rocky shore so not many people prefer to swim there. We saw several native folks riding their bicycles along the path of sand, waving their hands at us.

When everyone felt tired and wanted to go back, we suddenly found the thing that could make us stay a little longer.A lonely ruin made of stones which has its front yard covered with garbages, is standing quietly in the salty wind of the sea.

Salty water of the sea corroded that strange structure but the rest is still remain in quite good condition so we could define it as a small temple. Base on the decoration on those ceramic tiles, that ruin was built not so long but abandoned for a particular reason which we did not know.

There was no way to access the ruin except climbing on the stones outside of its basement, the boys went first without any effort and the girls just followed them step by step.

After all, there was nothing to call it an adventure  but we loved to spend time this way rather than staying in the hotel rooms and watching television. In other word, we needed any chances to use our muscles to prevent them from being “rusty” <3. You know what I mean!

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

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