It is said that so long ago, Zeus split humans into two different parts so that they could not defend themselves from the power of Gods whom had been threatened by the pride and wisdom of human being.

Since then, every single person keeps looking for his/her other half which is a part of his/her broken soul and the path to heaven was left untouched as the Gods’ wish.

Such a beautiful story, I must say, to explain the nature of soulmate. However, it also describes the everlasting hunger of human being in reaching utopia, heaven or whatever you might call it. There are many definitions about the peak of achievement according to different people with their own opinions and attitudes.

Among the diverse versions of heaven, we can see gold, fame, desire or even ultimate knowledge. The only unchanging thing is that people always try to humble others who do not share their point of view.

Whatever it might be, we are just ordinary people who feel thankful with every small piece of joy which life occasionally treats us.

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


  1. Mabel Kwong

    Beautiful story, and beautiful words, Khan. We really are all ordinary people who just go to school or work and hope that those around us are happy. Finding our soulmates? I think, it most of just…happens…when you least expect it 😉 Lovely food photos. Those prawns looks delicious, I want one now 🙂

    • vothikhanhhoa

      Thank Mabel so much, I think people who know how to enjoy their daily life could have greater chance to achieve the joy of heaven 🙂 Finding a soulmate is just a way to say that people spend a lot of their time to find what they do not really manage and lose track of what really important to them ^^

      • Mabel Kwong

        Love is one of the best things in life. Maybe that’s why society generally push others to find a soulmate, thinking “two is better than one”. But the world is such a diverse place and there are so many things to be greatful about. Wise words as usual, Khan 🙂

      • Mabel Kwong

        But we can certainly live each day to the fullest by embracing what we have and soldering in the hardest of times. Oh, no, Khan. Thank you so much. But I think you’re the one who thinks more deeply than me ❤

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