There is an initial difference about the way people enjoy Christmas between Western and Eastern. It’s all about the place they choose to be in this special time of year. Those who consider the core idea of Christmas is the family reunion would spend time “inside” their houses and those who adapt its come along joyful feeling would like to be “outside”, on the street with well-decorated shops and commercial centers.

Despite of the distance between two way of understanding, Christmas always is the time of sharing and doing wonderful things together. This must be one of some rare occasions when we treat each other with open hearts and open arms. The delight comes from sparkling ornaments and flickering pine trees is welcomed around the world.

It’s no too hard to make a list of popular Christmas dishes in Western. They’re oven-roasted turkey, gingerbread, candy cane and so on. However, here in an Eastern country, Vietnam (at least in Ho Chi Minh city), people hang out and choose whatever they want for a special party from the traditional “wrap and roll”, noodles, pizza to coconut ice cream or even sushi :).

Having your own decorative pine tree as the family proud is definitely a private pleasure. Taking photos and enjoying the whole wonderful scenery created by shops and commercial centers in town are a different story.

Anyway, Christmas is now become an international culture because of its humanity meaning. There are many Christmas style in countries and territories like the same thing is expressed by different people and it’s a good thing. Human heritage need to be exchanged and receive respect in return.

You can make the case that we was totally in love with baking Christmas decoration cookies cause the expression on our faces was the clearest sign :).

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

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