I have a small snow globe which contain inside its core a lovely dog with many sparkling pieces of paper. When I was a child, shaking it is my favourite hobby. That little girl just wanted to see some “fairy-tale” moments when all the globe filled with twinkle “stars”.

Childhood is not only about sweet memories but also unforgettable experiences. Children are fond of shiny things and so do I though I’m an adult now.
So I want to share with you my first experience about the word “twinkle” – and old-fashioned way maybe but I just happy with it.

Hope you have enjoyable time in my blog ❤

Many fantastic photos can be found here:

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Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

11 thoughts on “THE SNOW GLOBE

    • vothikhanhhoa

      It’s the idea of collecting souvenirs from every trip you’ve taken is wonderful ❤ We have different opinions in choosing the one that we'd like to take along with us but people who keep searching for the same thing in many places must have an adorable consistent manner ❤

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