Here is the picture of my colleague which was taken in our trip to Can Tho for university projects there. This beautiful scenery is near our department, just a few steps away.

People are parts of mother nature even if they keep denying the truth. No matter what we do, the string attached between one true self and the wild is stable in time.

Listen to the sound of wind, enjoying the smell of foliage along the road are our favourite routine. Staying so long in rooms with air conditioners makes not only our skin but also our mind dry out.

When we found there was a factory among the field of reeds, it was quite a disappointment. We’d like to get lost in the beauty of greenery but we could not deny the impression that metal structure brought to us. If this iron monster appeared in an industrial area, we might hate it. However, it was there with all the fresh banana trees, wild flowers and a blue high sky… everything was different.

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

5 thoughts on “TO THE UNKNOWN WILD

  1. Dilip

    Oh yes I do believe in what you say “People are parts of mother nature” and all living beings are connected. Lets all respect mother nature with love and care.

    Thanks for a lovely post.

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