Before I could start a new post about three days ago when I was away from HCM city in a trip to Can Tho, I’d like to write this one :).

This is a set of 6 full resolution photos about the Christmas theme that I took them myself. I’d like to share with everyone who loves to make some graphic design or simply a new wallpaper for this Christmas. I hope you can find them a useful resource for your own creative non-commercial works. It’s a pleasure for me if these simple images can bring you a happy time ❤

You can download them here in my Flickr account or simply click on any of these photos below to access the original size of it.

It must be written right after the update I made for Christmas is coming to town but I did not make it. My suitcase is not a brand new one (I used it do many times that I can not count) and its zippers are worn out so I have to choose an alternative one.

I had spent so much time but I could not find any backpack which was large enough to accommodate my laptop and my camera as the same time. After all, I left my laptop behind and that’s the reason why I could not post this one on time (I don’t know how to use the schedule feature on wordpress in a appropriate way 😦 )

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


  1. Mabel Kwong

    Gorgeous set of Christmas photos, Khan. Wonderful close-ups and photography, I can learn a lot from you. I love how you made it a bit different, yellow. Just looking at them give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Definitely can see them on Christmas cards. Maybe one day you’ll see them in the shops 😉 ❤

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