The last month of the year may present itself in some countries by the sign of the cold wind but here we have the rainy season. Staying in my room in a lazy day, listening to the sound of the unknown birds flying through the reddish sunset clouds, I wish for myself a little snowy weather. So I surf my most favourite websites and choose 5 ideas which can make me happy :). Love to share it with everyone <3.

1. Christmas Candle Holder form Lassen Products

Behance is my first choice of various enjoying ideas around the globe. Many talented persons gather here with all of their best works. We can improve our aesthetic visions by learning how far the design world goes. I choose this photo to illustrate my expectation for this Christmas because those red fruits like a sign of luck. We need more luck now…

2. The DIY Christmas Tree from Hegeinfrance

Check out this pretty simple decor idea for Christmas. Sometime, the most effective solution is not complicated as we used to imagine. Plain, basic, non complex is key words for those who need useful triggers for this season decor plan :).

3. Christmas Cooking Gift from Adventures in Cooking

When I feel lost in the maze of inspirations, I always know where to find the suitable direction. This wonderful “Adventures in Cooking” shows a good taste of lifestyle as well as food style. Cuisine is an important part of any special season so why don’t we consider food as a magnificent choice for gifts and decorations.

4. Snow Globe Terrariums from Light4fun

This one is last year idea but I do love to mention it here because in Ho Chi Minh city, people are now crazy about terrariums. My friends want to choose this “little plant in glass globe” as a Christmas gift  but they still can’t find the suitable one (some are too simple, some are too complicated). I suppose they can make their own terrariums :).

5. Lace Pin Trees from Twojediy

A very long, long, long picture 🙂 This interesting idea is easy and quick to make. It’s adorable that some people can see different ideas from the very normal things. DIY projects are not expensive but so much fun, that’s the meaning of doing something not buying something :).

I feel a hot stream is running through my veins :). It’s must be the urge for my next DIY project. Such a shame, I’m a little bit lazy these days… I gotta go to make my ideas become real!

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


  1. Mabel Kwong

    I agree with you. I like simple pieces of craft too, it gives the impression that my space and mind is uncluttered. I love these photos that you share, it looks like craft is easy to do…but it’s not! 😀 It’s hot during Christmas in Ho Chi Minh? In Melbourne, Christmas is in summer. So there’s no snow here too. It’s okay with me because I am not a fan of cold weather 🙂

    • vothikhanhhoa

      Yeah, it’s hot and rain at the same time in Ho Chi Minh now but this is a part of living there. That’s interesting that it also has no snow in Melbourne this season 🙂 I think you can start your very first DIY project with something like a small floral wallet to keep girl’s things ❤

      • Mabel Kwong

        Hot and rain in Ho Chi Minh? It must be humid there, then :O It’s summer in Melbourne right now and it’s been raining, humid too but not as bad as the humidity in Asia. In winter there’s snow in the mountains, which are about 2-3 hours drive from where I am in the city.

        I’m not into florals! I’ve always wanted to make my own stuffed monkeys, though ❤

      • vothikhanhhoa

        Ho Chi Minh is really humid 🙂 We are used to it so there is not much to complain except when the heat higher than usual limit. You’re an active girl so maybe floral is not suit you much (I’m crazy about it so I keep mention it naturally). Making stuffed animals is a wonderful DIY project. If you can manage to do it, I wish you have a pleasurable time ❤

      • Mabel Kwong

        That is so true. When the temperature is above 33’C in Malaysia the humidity starts to become very annoying and makes us perspire more. However, after living so long in Melbourne I’m not really used to the dry weather here… 😀

        Hopefully one day I will make my own stuffed monkey. Thank you for the inspiration ❤

      • vothikhanhhoa

        True, there are a lot of things that we can not get used to although we have lived with them for so long 🙂 I hope you can feel the energy of DIY, too. With me, it’s some kind of relaxation ❤

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