I feel a little bit tired today and the first thing I ever dream of to refresh my mind is having the delicious street food called “Bánh tráng trộn”. This special kind of snack is a combination of rice paper cut into pieces, boiled quail eggs and other spices.

There are many editions depending on the creation of the peddlers. I want to introduce you my favourite version named “Bánh tráng cuốn”. With this type, the rice paper wrapped around others ingredients and then cut into bite size pieces.

Một ngày nắng uể oải bỗng nhớ thương da diết mùi vị bánh tráng trộn vỉa hè. Dẫu biết ngon lành cái miệng có khi phải vạ cái bụng vốn hay nhạy cảm khi trở trời. Nhấp nhám chút chua, cay, mặn, ngọt nằm gọn lỏn trong túi nilon nhỏ trên tay mới thấy thấm thía cái cơ cực của những người buôn bán nhỏ. Bao nỗi đời thăng trầm cứ thế ngấm dần trong món ăn dân dã mà người ta chỉ mua rồi hờ hững đi qua. Cứ thấy thương thương…

We have the special sauce of mayonnaise and chili which matches very well with the sour of sliced green mango. Vietnamese like the balance in their culture as well as their cuisine. As you can see, the orange rice paper (made with salt and crushed shrimp) are adorned by the green of wild vegetables.

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

12 thoughts on “WRAPPED WITH FLAVOR

  1. Mabel Kwong

    I love bite-sized snacks. Easy to put in the mouth 😀 That street snack looks delicious. I hope to try it someday – but without the chilli. Sour sliced green mango? That sounds like it gives the dish a lot of flavour 🙂

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