I have many ideas about my Decorliti = Decor (English) & Liti (Vietnamese: small, little, tiny) on this blog but actually it must be a DIY section! I found myself spending so much time on surfing the internet for fashion and lifestyle inspiration as anyone who works in design field did. After all, I drowned in a flood of emotion for DIY projects from creative people around the world. They share with me the love for handmade daily stuffs, re-new clothes and decorations.

So, I start building the Decorliti category as the call of my heart for DIY.

I hope people who read this blog will find enjoyable moments <3.

I love to use pottery plate to keep my rhinestone in order. This is so fascinating when you look at these sparkling babies shining on harsh materials. Thanks to my beloved friends who gave me this beautiful leaf-shape plate that I can take lovely photos for this post :).

The first project I did was a handmade statement collar for my old white t-shirt. I used rhinestone made from acrylic to make it more colorful than before. I did not intend to use real crystal cause the fabric could not carry all of those heavy things.

I mix this new baby with completely black pieces: skinny pants, waistcoat,fedora hat, cat eyes sunnies to emphasize the sparkling effect, voila! ❤

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All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

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