The second date of September is our National day in Viet Nam. People celebrate this historical beacon by family trips to different places in the country for a few days. Some individuals choose to stay at home and do ordinary activities for which they don’t have time in work days.

I took the photo below on the way home from district 9 (I am living at district 3) in a one day trip to many interesting entertainment venues. Leaving behind the noisy city life, my fiance and me heading to the beautiful suburb of Ho Chi Minh city. Such an unforgettable experience before the “official” marriage life.

Our first destination was Sy Hoang traditional private residence which situated in Long Phuoc, district 9. Although the owner called it a museum but my fiance stated that it was a misunderstood about the term. With a small collection and the artifacts were not typical, this place was just a good reproduction of our long distant history.

The next station was Long Island, an amazing stone architectural ensemble. The style of this cold “rocky” group of buildings were totally different from Sy Hoang private residence. When we came here, we felt like being in a medieval movie. Surrounded with gray blue stones, we could not feel the warm of summer sunlight. The quiet atmosphere chilled we out everytime we walked in a narrow corridor. Somehow, my fiance completely fell in love with all those complicated structures.

Our final stop was Phuoc Tuong pagoda, one of the famous national Buddhist sites in Viet Nam. The traditional architecture stood quietly like a sage concentrated in his daily meditate. Dozen of doves flew above the pagoda roof , some of them perched on old red roof tiles. In the place of belief, human hearts came close together, strangers could be brothers, haters could be friends. Like the different colors of the doves, we all shared this world in peace…

My country, in your birthday, I wished you peace … forever 

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


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