Such a busy week with so many things to do but I am so grateful that my works are better than before. Lack of sleep and tired all the time can be overcome but my mind really needs a refreshment.

Wandering around is always a good choice when you feel bored and run out of ideas. I just passed by this cafeteria this afternoon and decided to turn back cause I saw this lovely parrot behind the glass window. 

“Pet Me!” is a cool little cafeteria near my house. I never cease to be surprised at the wonderful cafes in Sai Gon. They are unique in style and various in kinds ❤

Một tuần làm việc khá nhức đầu nhưng niềm vui vẫn len lỏi vào cái tâm hồn không ưa nhàn rỗi. Việc lựa chọn yên vị tận hưởng cái lười nhác thanh bình hoặc ngược xuôi với những lo toan, va chạm luôn đi đến đáp án chung là sự cân bằng. Chẳng thể mãi làm việc, cũng chẳng thể mãi vui chơi. Chỉ là những buổi chiều tan tầm, rong ruổi đó đây giữa những con đường phố thị Sài Gòn luôn hứa hẹn những điều kỳ thú cho kẻ để tâm đi tìm.

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Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

9 thoughts on “PET ME!

  1. SuzyHazelwood

    A parrot in a café! How adorable, and colourful too!!:) Was it a speaking parrot? Certainly a unique attraction to a café. I love their parrot art on the walls too, very bright and cheerful! So, do you eat out a lot where you live? Eating out in Britain has become a lot more popular than it was 20 years ago. I live in a city (not as large as London) but there are sooooo many places to eat now, we are spoilt for choice! I have a café round the corner from where I live, it’s very nice, friendly people too, but they don’t have a parrot. I shall have to tell them they need one, add some colour!! 🙂

    • vothikhanhhoa

      Thanks for lovely words 🙂 I am glad that you like the cafe. This is the place where bird lovers in my region gather and chat chit about their lovely pets. We found it in an unpredictable situation but we happy about that ^^ love u!!

    • vothikhanhhoa

      🙂 Sai Gon is always a mystery for me. Inside it’s old buildings, there’re many individual fashion lines, coffee shop which are wonderful in design and lifestyle. I hope you can see all the colors of the current Sai Gon ❤

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