My favourite furniture in the room is a little wooden bookcase with glass doors and mint-colored panels. This is where my research books, souvenirs and many unnamed things are stored. Early this morning, when I saw the topic of this week writing challenge, I decided to explore what is the thing was left behind.

And here it is:

Some stickers of my handmade shop opened when I was a young student.


At that time, I just want to make a lot of handmade works in the way I loved them to be. Those were hand-drawing doodles on glass pieces (which used to decorate fish tank), crochet bags and keychains, ornamental candles, wooden frames holding dry flowers inside etc… I was so addicted in the work itself and forgot that I did not have any idea about marketing and sale. I spent a lot of time in making things, taking pictures and uploading them to my 360 yahoo account. All I did that was waiting for someone dropped by, realized they were fond of my handmade works and bought them.

Magically, everything I did were eventually bought but I decided not to make them anymore. I spent so much time on researching, preparing and making things so my projects in University were affected. My parent were not happy about that and so did I. I closed the shop. I got back to work harder and harder. As a result my grade became better but the flame for handmade things was cold down.

You can not concentrate in too many things at the same time. I think there are a lot people who share this experience with me. Until today, I look at the leftover stickers which used to enveloped the package of my shop, something is arise. I realise that my love for handmade things is change into the shape of rustic interior design. I still keep this love in my heart but I lost the skill to make them by my own hand. How sad…

Maybe one day, I will find my way back.

All the photos, graphics and contents on this page are our own creations unless stated otherwise
Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


  1. Swav

    I’m sure you can still do some crafting, at least the birthday card for someone, who is close to your heart 🙂 I did one few days ago and the whole process was awesome.

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