Mùa sấu đã bắt đầu, các cô các chị ở Hà Nội lại tỉ mẩn bên món ăn vặt đậm đà hương vị Bắc: Sấu ngâm. Lát gừng cay cay, nước đường sóng sánh vỗ về mớ sấu tròn trĩnh, chua chua. Người ở Sài Gòn ngày đêm trông ngóng một mùi vị xa xôi mà rất đỗi thân thuộc để khi chạm vào chiếc bình nặng tay chứa đầy tình cảm gia đình bỗng thấy lòng ấm lại. Cái giòn tan đượm nỗi nhớ nhung gợi nỗi lòng buồn vui chen lẫn. Cuộc đời nhiều bận rộn quá, hôm nay dặn lòng chậm lại mà nhâm nhi một niềm vui mùa hè nhỏ bé…

This is a special fruit only grows in the North of Việt Nam: Sấu. This fruit is very sour and hard to eat right away. We usually mixed Sấu with sugar and ginger to balance the taste. If you have come to Hà Nội, I think you should give it a try. Fruits preserved in sugar are very common in the world but this one is totally different. I can not stop eating it and want to share with everyone this fantastic summer treat 🙂

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Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

7 thoughts on “SUMMER TREAT

  1. Chris

    So interesting. I haven’t tried sấu yet, or if I did, I didn’t know what it was called. I love the kinds of mứt that are flavoured with ginger. And of course, mứt gừng itself (my favourite). I’ll certainly look out for sấu ngâm

    • vothikhanhhoa

      Oh, my mother is a fan of mứt gừng and she makes it very well not so sweet but hot and dry :). I think you certainly have the taste of Vietnamese cuisine because just a special person would love mứt gừng. It’s the sweet of an elegant mind ❤ (people tend to eat over-sweetened mứt and it's not good for health)

  2. SuzyHazelwood

    I’ve never seen fruit like that before! 🙂 They look a bit like small ‘button mushrooms’ when they are cooked. Although I’m sure they don’t taste like mushrooms if they are fruit. Do they taste a bit like any fruit I might know?

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